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Home Automation

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Home Automation

Home Automation

Smart Home Automation solution focuses on complementing your lifestyle with Safety, Security, Savings & Convenience Solutions.

Home Theater

Home Theater

Want a cinematic-theater experience in your home? Create the ultimate wireless entertainment system and feel immersed in all the sounds of the season


Security System

Get instant alerts in case of any security breach. Keep an eye on your gates, lock, large glass windows and glass ceiling shutters even when you are away from home.



It is time for fast and reliable internet with the latest wired and wireless technology to maintain the efficiency and speed of the network with a secured connection network.

Smart Door Lock

It is time to enjoy keyless living with a smart digital door lock. We provide a wide variety, of options to upgrade the digital door lock to unlock the pleasure of convenience and luxury.

Curtain Automation

Curtain Automation

Automation is a great way to convert your home into a smart home. With our motorized system, you can control all your curtains easily with one touch from your comfortable place.

Gate Automation

Gate Automation

We offer the latest technology in automation, such as automated gates with smartphone-enabled mobile apps or Bluetooth-enabled end-to-end encrypted modules.

Light Automation

Lighting Automation

Light automation enables control of the programmable dimming and on-off control can transfer a home into different spaces per your mood.

AC Automation

AC Control

Switch to a smart thermostat to replace your existing thermostat with the integration of VRF/VRU units or IR-controlled AC units

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Interactive Smart Home Control

” Alexa, Increase Volume on TV”

“Okay Google, Turn on Bed Light”

” Alexa, Set temperature to 24″

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